Welcome to the world to the Renagade Calendar Girls.

Welcome to the world to the Renagade Calendar Girls. We are team of Sassy, Strong and Sexy, promotional models/brand ambassadors who bring style and flair to each event.

Our mission is to be Ambassadors of Lifestyle, providing Experience and Opportunity to those who are outside of the Box as we Redefine Mainstream Media networks one picture at a time. As a member of the Renagade Girls we teach and train you how to become a model, a brand ambassador, intern within our media networks company; which includes a worldwide network of Social Media Marketing, Internet Radio, Magazines, and Promo Events for Companies and Sponsors. In a year’s time you will have a portfolio as a brand ambassador, promo model, and experience working in media related trades. We are not afraid to be fierce trendsetters, and are motivated to get results.


Renagade Girls is a global multimedia production and promotions company, offering event entertainment, supporting media coverage, brand ambassadorship, and promotions to companies both large and small. With Renagade Girl Chapters and multimedia network, companies can benefit through our definitive media and marketing platforms. Companies who are grassroots, nontraditional, and diverse can attain extreme exposure at their very own fingertips. Our media network access’ a wide range of social outlets in which you can brand and market your chapter or products; catering to small and large business alike.

The Renagade Calendar Girls offer 40 Chapters and over 4,000 R.C.G. Brand Ambassadors worldwide, with each ambassador branding, marketing, and promoting the Renagade Inc. Network through their fan pages, spanning in most major cities around the US and Internationally, and an extensive membership website seen by millions of people in your target markets every single day.

The Network Hub: Renagade INC. is multifaceted media network with a mission to redefine mainstream media. We offer grass-roots marketing and brand advocacy like no one else, our subversive approach to the global market and media outlets is to be outside of the box endorsing a following through untapped demographics. Renagade INC. is comprised of Renagade Radio (heard in 110countries and followed by 100,000 ppl and growing), Renegade Magazine, Renagade Bikes (Vintage and Custom Bicycles for over 25yrs), SEO branding through multiple websites, and our very own Renagade Calendar Girls who are brand ambassadors/promotional modeling teams. We offer you the opportunity to be seen and heard by publicizing traffic to your events and webpage’s. To help you promote on 31 Social Networks with more on the way, over 4,000 brand ambassadors can generate targeted demographic/customers, we offer access to (2) Radio Stations, (2) magazines, a server to host an Ad or Webpage as well as templates to build a website, 100.com sites for all customers to see, Renagade Market Place, Renagade Nation Official Gear, Renagade Radio, as well as our very own Renagade Calendar Girls who are the Brand Ambassadors, Marketing Reps, and Promotional Models of Renagade INC. The goal…To Rethink how to reach markets and demographics in which most are unable to influence; campaigning products they use daily from the tooth paste used on their toothbrushes to the clothes they wear.

Chapter Services offered to Companies and Events:

* Models, local to you, in any of our covered regions

* Photography services, with or without our girls

* Live event hosting and/or assistance

* Product placement for photo shoots, videos, RCG Radio, or in-person events

* Advertising, either nationwide or by specific region

* Brand Ambassadorship at events or individual venue


Just a few short years ago, Renagade Girls was born from Renagade Bikes & Custom Cycles — A one in a million vintage bicycles and custom motorcycle shop. As part of a marketing experiment for the award-winning cyclery, the owner decided to put together a calendar that showcased the vintage custom bikes in action, being used by non-traditional babes with a vintage feel.

Surprisingly to the owner, the combination of vintage bikes and beautiful non-traditional pinups took off; the calendars sold like hotcakes, and ended up preoccupied with more calls about the girls and the bikes attending events and promotions.

In a stroke of pure genius, Renagade Bikes approached the original girls, and began attending events as Renegade Bikes featuring the Renagade Calendar Girls, and found that the calendar girls were a hot commodity and an effective way to get people to ask about the bikes.

One event led to two, two led to three, three led to a hundred. Now, there are few weekends that go by where the Renagade Girls aren’t busy with appearances and events, promoting our sponsors and friends with our own mix of fierce branding and sexy attitude.

Just a few of the event types we’ve been involved with:

* Beer companies (and other adult beverages)

* Clothing lines

* Car companies

* A myriad of trade shows

* Events of all stripes, from charity to all-out bashes

* National/regional television and radio station events

* Magazines & various publications

* Record release parties, live radio interviews, and backstage Band Babe interviews for bands


If you are a fearless woman with both beauty and brains, and want to enrich your experience and various opportunities are available for you in the Renagade Girl World; see the page below for more information on chapters, roles of a Renagade Girl, sales incentives, and our code of conduct.

Our network of Renagade Girls is constantly expanding, bringing in some of the most unique women in the world. We are the smart, sexy girls next door with a bit of an edge and a badass attitude — the ones all the other girls wish they were. Each girl has her own fan base on which to draw from, as well as having access to the entire Renagade Network of more than 3 million people who are already following.


Want to get started as a Renagade Girl? Here is what you do to begin. As a Renagade Girl you have opportunities towards joining our teams and getting your Renagade Girl gear.

1. Go to www.renagadegirls.com to sign up, if you have not already, and connect with your local chapter

2. On the front page look for Official Renagade Gear to order your RCG Promo Gear Options; your promo gear is required to wear while work within chapter events. (When you have a new member sign up and purchase their RCG Promo Gear you will receive$10 Bonus per member)

3. Set up your Renagade Girl profile on the main site, create new Renagade Girl profiles on all your Social Media sites that you prefer to frequent, and add RCG to the end of your name

4. Read 🙂 -Organization Chart, Roles of a Renagade Girl and Chapters Roles, and Sales Compensation

5. Connect with your Chapter Prez, make sure that your prez supplies you with all the necessary paper work the handbook, have the code of conduct explained & read, all paperwork (I-9 forms, online sign-up form, non-disclosure, code acknowledgement, non-compete) signed and returned to RCG, Inc. HQ.

6. Start branding and promoting about the Renagade Girls to your community, only takes one with a mission. Encourage fans to sign-up to the Renagade Girl site. Remember Fans=Cash


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